Friday, December 16, 2011

He's 2 1/2

It's so hard to believe that the kiddo is 30 months old.  Where oh where has the time gone?  This boy amazes me more and more everyday.  His ability to carry on a full conversation with adults and keep up is just insane.  He is learning at an alarming rate.  (I've never had a baby before so for me everything he does amazes me.)

He is big into trains and Mickey Mouse right now.  He also loves to play in his thrift store found kitchen.  He is always pretending to cook and making us meals.  It is so sweet.  By far the cutest word he says right now is "wobbles".  He calls his weebles "wobbles" and it cracks me up.

We do arts and crafts almost everyday.  He looks forward to this time everyday.  We have made Borax snowflakes, painted salt dough ornaments, done handprint plates, made our own play dough and gak.  It has been fun and educational all at the same time.

I am amazed at how fast these little humans grow and learn.  And how much they teach us as adults.  He is my pride and joy!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You are 18 months old

That is a year and a half.  My oh my did the time fly!  You are my little toddler boy and mommas shadow.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Your stats:
You are FINALLY past 21 pounds.  You now weigh 23 pounds!!!
Your hair is growing more everyday.  Not all at once, but you have some long strands!
You now wear a size 18 months shirt and pants!  Although some 12 month pants still fit.
You are a size 4 1/2 in shoes, but I can't find half sizes for babies so you wear a 5.
You are in size 4 diapers.
You love your sausage and french toast for breakfast.
Lunch and dinner you eat whatever we have, off our plates, even if you have the EXACT same thing on your plate!
You have pretty much given up juice and stick mainly to milk with ovalten in it.
You have 12 teeth and about 4 more trying to come in.
You love books and have one called "Head, Shoulders, Fingers, and Toes" and you actually follow along to it and point to your body parts and say them all alone.
You like to play with hot wheels, Thomas the Train, Dance Star Mickey, and your Chuck and Stinky.
You are down to one nap a day and you sleep about 10 to 12 hours straight through at night.
You talk more and more everyday.  You are starting to ask questions.  "Who's that?" Who's there?" "What was that?" And you still love talking on the phone. 
Oh you also learned how to give kisses, hugs and how to blow kisses.  Oh melt my heart!!!

Your second Christmas was wonderful.  You got lots of toys and new clothes.  You had fun opening all your gifts and seemed to understand a little bit better this year.  You also had your first official baby sitter over Christmas and you were totally not having that.  Cousin Ali watched you while momma, dad, Grammy, Tommy and Aunt Tippy and Uncle Jared went bowling.  You stood at the door for 20 minutes and cried for us.  But you eventually fell asleep.  Guess we need to get you acclimated to other people!

You are my precious little man, and I love you buddy!

 Playing with his hot wheels
My silly boy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Santa

Took the Boy to see Santa today.  Ho ho ho NO!  He hated that man in the red suit!  He looked at Santa and his little bottom lip started to quiver, and then the giant tears started coming, then the MOOOOOMMA came belting out.  Poor little man, hope Santa doesn't take it to heart.  But, CJ did run back to him to grab his candy cane!  That's my boy, always get the candy no matter what!!!

We had set out to finish our Christmas shopping.  Turns out there are A LOT of people who wait until the last minute to shop for the holidays!  Needless to say, our trip was anything but fun.  The masses of people were overwhelming for me as well as the little man, so we bought ab-so-lute-ly nothing.  Ugh, what a waste of a day.  Oh well, guess we will try again tomorrow, or better yet Monday when everyone else is at work!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Who and What the Boy is Today

The Boy is:

17 1/2 months old
21.8 pounds
ugh bad momma....not sure how tall
Your eyes are BROWN, yes BROWN woohoo (momma is happy)
You wear a size 12 shirt
Size 9-12 month pants
Size 4 shoe
Your hair is finally growing
And it is a light brown
You sleep all night from 8p.m. until 7:45am

Things you like

You love fruit
And meat
Oh and cheese puffs
Milk is your choice of drink, with Carnation Breakfast powder
You love your hot wheels and tracks
Your crib toys are a must (they include Baby Tad, Lily, Mr. Bee, GloWorm, your light up dog, your piano, and your side of the crib mobile) Oh and your pillow and blanket!
You love big people shoes, especially daddy's boots
You LOVE being outside
The power wheels is a daily routine now also
Any stuffed animal that makes noise and dances
You like to wear daddy's hat from work
And his dog tags
I think Mickey Mouse is your hero
Kid Songs DVD's

What you say now a days

Momma, daddy,dad, no-no, bye-bye, what, what was that, uh-huh, hi, dog, car, cat, truck, bike, milk, eat, ouch, ball, baby, tree, plant, momma I pooped, and a few more words here and there

You know several animals by sight and name and also can say their sounds
we are working on colors and you can identify red, blue and green

You are an amazing kid, Buddy!  Momma loves you and your accomplishments!
You at 17 Months
 Momma's shoes
 Your hat
 Daddy's work hat
A small pile of your hot wheels

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some early pics of Boy

My 1st day of life

So precious

About 2 weeks old

Daddy is in the Navy

I miss my Boy being this little

Birth stats
Born 4July2009
at 10:52 a.m.
Weight 6lbs 14ozs
Length 21 inches
Momma was in labor for 7 hours and I came out after 15 minutes of pushing
My umbilical cord had a complete knot in it, but I arrived safe
I had a very low temp so went to the NICU for a few hours until they got me warm
I was a quiet baby and rarely fussed
But I didn't like to sleep much
Over all I was a peaceful baby with no colic!

Intro to The Boy

This is my second blog.  I kinda like this blogging world, so I decided to make a virtual baby book of sorts for my munchkin.  A bit of back story may be helpful for those who do not read my other blog.

My name is Joy and I am a PPD/A/OCD survivor.  Yes I HAVE/HAD a mental illness.  Ok, are we over the shock of that now?!?! This brings me to the title of my blog, The Boy That Found Joy.  The boy, better known as my son, CJ is a 4th of July firecracker baby and he will get fireworks on his birthday until he figures out they aren't really for him.  He is now 17 1/2 months old.   Along with delivering said boy, I was cursed with my postpartum mood disorders.  Ok, maybe blessed is a better word since I have grown so much as a person since recovery.  Having the boy has opened my heart in more ways then I could ever imagine.  I love deeper, care deeper, think deeper, cherish every moment of time, know now what the meaning of the phrase "live like you are dying" actually is.  There were many many days I thought were going to be my last during my battle with ppd, but looking at CJ's little face got me through.   His baby toddler belly laughs, his funny words, his big open arms from the crib in the morning, his "hi Gram" when he sees my mom, his "daddy, daddy, daddy" when daddy gets home from work, his " no no no" to the dog all while handing the dog his toys, his excitement seeing the "balls" at Target, him roaming around the house talking to Papa on the phone, all of this has brought back a happiness and joy that I thought were gone forever.  Or maybe its just a deeper happiness that I never knew could exist until I had this boy.

That is my bald baby boy at 7 months of age.  He is still bald!
So that (not so much of a nutshell back story) is the meaning behind my blog title.  From this point on, this blog will be updates on The Boy.  No PPD talk, that is for the other blog I write.  Just plain ol boy talk here.